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About the site and the reasons it was written
A lot of updates 8th August 2011

Update to come on Tuscany Information

Other reasons for building my Website

4 Cousins-Jim Randall, David Garnsworthy, Brian S.Randall and Brian I.Randall
  1. I hope existing researchers may find my information helpful and useful to them.
  2. You never know, there may be someone out there, sitting on details of my G.G.Grandfather Thomas Randall's birth.
  3. Having added dozens of Randall Family names taken from the 1911 Census, mainly in London area, I am hoping that one of them may have been lucky and have had their family papers passed down to them.
  4. I hope that new visitors to Genealogy may find my site useful for pursuing their own family trees.
  5. Finally those that may have thought of developing their own web sites, may find my attempts, hopefully confirmation that most people can achieve a reasonable standard.
    Good Luck and happy hunting. Please let me know if there is a connection.

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