So you have style?    make sure by getting the right help

" CSS is the way we apply style to HTML content and keep the style consistent throughout"

This is an example of CSS applying style to 2 HTML elements used at the head of the page:
Firstly to the overall body of the document and then inserting an image, then styling the h1 element to produce a heading positioned on the image

body {  
                background: #1d1006  url(bgtop.gif)  top repeat-x;

                background:url(header.gif) top left  no-repeat;

                font-family:"Times New Roman", Times, serif;

span {
        Color: #b3da8b;

                Can you guess what you are looking at?
Well look at the top of the screen and you will see that the
background (bgtop.gif) has been overwritten my an image (header.gif),
and the heading h1 has been split into 2 colours by the use of the
element "span"

Well I hope that when you have followed and practiced what you learnt in the tutorial of your choice, you will have a better understanding of CSS layout.
Thanks again to the various sites that have helped; they are all in the side menu to peruse.

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Now that you know something about CSS and HTML you may have wondered why some entries seem abbreviated.
This article will explain how CSS can except these shorter entries.
CSS 20 Short Hands You'll Love
Well I hope that wets your appetite ! There are plenty more good articles out there.

This is the image header.gif
header.gif before h1 header input over image
This the h1 using span

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They have both been reduced to allow the illustration. See the full size above.