Easy start   to give you the confidence to try

The aim of this page is to show you how you can get the best out of the information available on the various websites.
Each menu item under (X)HTML Web Sites,has been chosen to either provide tutorials in HTML or provides access to free templates for you to experiment with. Please note a few of the sites do not have free templates but they have been shown because of the wide choice of styles and can be looked at freely.

Tip 1.    "When previewing (WYSIWYG) "HTML" coding and there is a bracket or
other unidentified part tag showing, then you know that there is
a mistake and an error in the tag needs editing."

Tip 2.    "A perfectly good piece of text has become highlighted as a link.         
Have you just inserted a new link? Then an "a" tag has not been closed properly."

EXAMPLE Template: You should now learn how to download page templates in both XHTML or CSS.
templateexample Save the original in a new named directory, such as "Template Samples" and refer back to it if your attempts to personalise a copy of the coding gets out of hand.
If its one that you really want to use, then it helps to print off a copy of the HTML and CSS coding so you can easily refer to it.
Well I hope that when you have finished this section you will feel that you have a better idea as to how to HTML to implement your own Web Site.
I would like to thank the various sites for allowing me to use the templates for HTML and CSS in my own web site. Also the exercise has enabled me to produce many of my own original pages. I have recommended the sites and acknowledge their help.
Click to view available free templates at Themebot.com
Click to see the larger view of Freecss.info Template "Freshness"
Click to see the larger view of Freecss.info Template "Glazed"

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(X)HTML Tutorials Sites

  1. Tutorials index on WWW3
  2. Tutorial on Markup (1)
  3. Tutorial HTML Advanced (2)
  4. Just choose HTML Tutorial
  5. Validate your HTML
  7. In Easy Steps series
  8. www.web-wise-wizard.com - no longer available
  9. Great HTML Guide
  10. Website Tips: covers all
  11. Themebot Free Templates
  12. Templates Good selection
  13. Free CSS Inf - Templates
  14. Templateworld for viewing
  15. htmlgoodies covers all
  16. Editor- HTML-KIT Build 292
  17. Editor-EditPad Lite
  18. Editor-Aptana Studio
  19. Editor-HTML-Kit Tools