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The Genealogist's Internet

If you are intending to do most of your initial research on your computer, then Peter Christian's "The Genealogist's Internet" is a must:
Published by The National Archives at £14.99.
The Web site covering the book is at                 

The 4th updated edition was published in 2009. My copy was bought from E-Bay at a discounted price.
There are 22 main headings, many having 8-10 sub headings covering every aspect of Family Genealogy.
Or go straight to the contents page to get a fuller view.
It includes a very good list of sites recommended in the book.
There is a really excellent links directory at         

Elizabeth Castro's "Learn HTML, XHTML, CSS the Quick and Easy Way." 6th Edition

Another Author whose book is a clear, concise guide to learning HTML, XHTML, and CSS, which has sold over a million copies in more than fifteen languages, is Elizabeth Castro's

"Learn HTML, XHTML, CSS the Quick and Easy Way." 6th Edition

in easy steps

The in easy steps series of books are exactly what it says.
Books that cover the essentials both with text and graphics, and quickly give you an understanding of the subject.
Instead of trying to produce a massive book covering everything, they produce books of about 200 pages, which are reasonably priced in Sterling at about £10.99. Books suitable for beginners covering;
HTML in easy steps
CSS in easy steps. They may not be available, but libraries still have them
To see their full range visit them at;


The above publisher covers a very wide range of subjects under the banner of For Dummies.
A very comprehensive book called "HTML, XHTML, and CSS all-in-one desk reference" is excellent.
It is easily understood by newcomers, but covering the subject well, plus a lot of detail on program languages(such as Javascript,PHP Ajax).
Take a look at their main site for suitable books ;
Site for book

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