You can build a Website now with a little help

The aim is to give you the ability to find the sites that can help you quickly assimilate enough confidence and knowledge to commence designing web pages within days.
I need to fire your enthusiasm to have a go, without cluttering your mind with too many concepts.
Each menu item above has its own page, and after reading the guidance, you can then visit the Websites offering the appropriate help or tutorial or free templates.(The main aim is not to teach you, but direct you to the best sources)

    "Good Design is brought about by good research and even better coding"
        Hopefully the recommended sites will come up with the goods !!

IarrowBefore you proceed further, you may find that downloading a HTML WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editor will help you a lot in spotting mistakes when you are coding.

IarrowAcross in Text Editor Sites I have given you a number of sites that provide free or very cheap, but excellent Editors. You will also see on some pages a "Quotes in the form of Tips " brought about by experience of         searching for errors that are right in front of you all the time.

IarrowA good editor will highlight errors in colour, after checking your code.
Well I hope that when you have finished perusing the various Websites, you will feel that you have a better idea as          to how to start your own Web Site.

Iarrow I have recommended some sites and acknowledge their help in providing free templates for my use..

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Text Editor Sites

  1. Editor- HTML-KIT Build 292
  2. Editor-EditPad Lite
  3. Editor-Aptana Studio
  4. Editor-HTML-Kit Tools
  5. CSS-HTML folder guides
  6. W3Schools online Help