Can you have too much Information?   No, its on the Web waiting for you

There is so much help and advice out there, that all you have got to do is find it.

Tip 3.   "You should regularly check your coding on a Validator or the Site for both
CSS and HTML. Spell check and have someone you trust do an editorial review."

I would not expect you to be spending too much time looking at other languages, but it might pay you to understand how they fit in to the scheme of modern web design.
Start with content, use markup, and then apply style. !!
You will save a lot of time in the end if you check your links, before and after loading to your Domain.
You can download a great program called Xenu, which produces very helpful reports to correct the errors and can be download here   Xenu Link Checker

Here is a final template to wet your appetite


Go on you know you can !

     I did it from scratch

See the fuller version     Metamorph_Roadlights

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